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Shop Owners Recommend AutoVitals
  • Mitch Schneider
    Schneider's Automotive
    Simi Valley, CA
    "The results we've enjoyed through AutoVitals are exemplary. Uwe's depth and breadth of knowledge is astounding. The value is hard to calculate since virtually all of our new client acquisition is coming through our work with AutoVitals."
  • Larry Moore
    Larry's Autoworks
    Mountain View, CA
    "Uwe and his AutoVitals team is a pleasure to work with and their no-nonsense logical approach to every problem gets incredible results. I had high hopes when we first began to work with AutoVitals and the results have surpassed even my highest hopes. I highly recommend AutoVitals and the services it provides..."
  • Nikki Ayers
    Ayers Automotive Repair
    Santa Barbara, CA
    "I like working with AutoVitals for several reasons. First, it is an exceptional product in the automotive marketing world. Second, Uwe and his team make you feel like you are his only client. Finally, he has great knowledge of the services he provides my business. I highly recommend AutoVitals."
  • Lynne Cardwell
    Car Care Center
    Sacramento, CA
    "Uwe and his team simply make things happen--and they make things happen simply. We have to stay focused on results from those we partner with, not on guesswork or trial-and-error experimentation with one program after another. AutoVitals' comprehensive and intuitive client acquisition and retention program is light years ahead of the competition..."
  • Mark Watson
    Sacramento, CA
    "I have worked with AutoVitals for a little less than a year and have had better than expected results in all areas it has managed in our business. I highly recommend Autovitals if you want to grow your business."
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  • Discontinuation of the Ipad Mini1 and How it Might Affect Your Operation

    Apple and AutoVitals have discontinued the support of the iPad Mini1. Please check how you can identify whether you are affected, what you can do about it, and how we help in making the transition smooth

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  • TopFuel – Featuring Babcock Auto Care

    After joining AutoVitals in September 2013, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many clients over the years.

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  • Tips and Tricks for SmartCheck and SmartFlow

    Navigating vehicles in SmartFlow and SmartCheck and sending Inspection results to customers and other repeat actions are launched from the Today's Vehicles Page (TVP).

    Read more on AutoVitals - Tips and Tricks for SmartCheck and SmartFlow.

  • Selling At Car Delivery

    You’ll need to deliver an extraordinary value, exceed your customers’ expectations at every touch point, and stay in touch with your customers after the sale.

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  • Telematics – Hype or Real Opportunity?

    is there a reliable availability of a plug'n play solution for the independent aftermarket to help service advisors stay connected with their customers and the vehicles they drive, and to provide value, starting with breakdown avoidance, saving money by predicting the next service only when it is needed?

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  • Retention and SmartFlow Release – July 2016

    It is vital to have quick and efficient communication within in the shop as well as with the customer. In this Huddle, we discuss how fast internet and an improved inspection page will increase productivity and give the customer the chance to see the inspection results on any device.

    Read more on AutoVitals - Retention and SmartFlow Release – July 2016.

  • How’s your SmartFlow Fitness?

    How often were you looking for a test, which shows you the network performance for SmartFlow or SmartCheck everywhere in your shop. Here it is!

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  • Instructions to Improve your SmartFlow Fitness Results
  • Inspection Results for Motorist Education on the Go

    What if the customer is on the go and has only their smartphone available and you want to educate on the inspection results? Doesn't that happen in 90% of all cases? Yes it does, and here is the solution, released in the July Smartflow release.

    Read more on AutoVitals - Inspection Results for Motorist Education on the Go.

  • Keep Your Team On Track with SmartFlow Trends

    SmartFlow allows to track key performance indicators (KPI), which are hard to come by using the traditional paper way. For example the inspection rate and the number of recommended actions the technicians adds for each inspection are highly important. Are those KPIs graphed as trends over time, the shop owner, manager and the whole team have a clear picture of how the shop is improving and can document the measures needed for the team to take the shop to the next level.

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